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residential plumbers Vancouver

residential plumbers Vancouver

TapRoots are expert residential plumbers in Vancouver, providing affordable and reliable plumbing services to homeowners throughout the community. If you need a plumbing repair or are experiencing a plumbing emergency, call the company locals call when they know it counts.


TapRoots provides repair, maintenance and installation of tankless water heater systems throughout Vancouver. If you notice your hot water tank is not performing up to par, your hot water is running out earlier than it usually does, or that your hot water tank is making noises that have you concerned, call Tap-Roots right away. They’ll restore your hot water by repairing your existing tank or providing a new installation.


TapRoots’ residential plumbers in Vancouver will do everything they can to repair your existing hot water heater if it’s at all possible, or if it can continue to provide you with efficient service. Hot water tanks are not designed to last forever, and if your system has outlived its usefulness to you, TapRoots may recommend a new conventional or tankless water heater for your home. 


To prevent costly repairs and installations of new units before it’s time, your hot water tank should be checked and maintained regularly. Older water tanks may be using unnecessary amounts of energy. Trading in your out-dated water heater for a more efficient model can save you money on your energy bill. Eco-boilers will only turn on when necessary and automatically adjust to the ambient temperature. 


While a smart water tank may seem like it’s a large investment, it will save you money in the long term, and provide you with an efficient supply of reliable hot water in the meantime. Call your residential plumbers from TapRoots in Vancouver if you would like to learn more about an efficient new water heater for your home.


Residents often call TapRoots for garbage disposal repair and installation in their homes. A garbage disposal can be a convenient way to remove solid waste from your kitchen and keep it out of your local landfill. Tap-Roots knows that when you experience a malfunction of your garbage disposal, your kitchen productivity comes to a standstill, and for this reason, they are ready to come out to your home 24/7 to provide you with repair to your disposal system.


While repairs can be unavoidable, you can prevent buildup in your disposal system from occurring by following these simple steps:


- While your garbage disposal is running, put a small amount of dish detergent down the disposal.

- Routinely crush ice cubes and lemon rinds in the disposal for 30 seconds.

- Rinse and remove additional debris by running cold water.


These simple steps can keep your system running smoothly without becoming clogged or experiencing buildup. For larger issues, call the residential plumbers at TapRoots in Vancouver, for complete garbage disposal repair or installation of a new unit.


Keep the 24 hour emergency number for TapRoots handy in a place where you can quickly and easily find it in the event of a plumbing emergency. Call 604-263-7676 any time, and a technician will be right there.

residential plumbers Vancouver
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residential plumbers Vancouver
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