Hydro Jetting

Oaks Drain utilizes the best on the market jetters made in America by US Jetting

Hydro Jetting is a very high pressure water cleaning of sewer and drains. It clears out all debris, sludge build up, scours line and can remove roots. Whatever the need for jetting we have the necessary equipment from the mobile mini for kitchen sinks to trailer unit for main sewers, branch lines and street laterals.

To avoid damaging the drain, outside area drains should only be hydro jetted.

Hydro Jetting Oaks Drain

Do I need hydro jetting or snaking/rootering?

For stoppages, you need the line snaked/ rootered first. If the line has sludge buildup from decades of use, then it may be prudent to remove all sludge and buildup with hydro jetting. We carry 3 different sizes of hydro jetters; mini’s for kitchen lines, medium for bigger drains, and our cutting edge trailer option for outside area drains and mainlines. We have you covered!

Should outside drains be snaked?

Never! Outside areas drains are typically more fragile than other drain lines and a snake or rooter will damage them. Hydro jetting is your only option to consider.

My outside drains drain slowly and I had trouble during the last rainy season.

Now is the time to get your outside drains cleared. Years of sediment buildup or root intrusion often render them ineffective or inoperable.

Beat the rush! Beat the rain. Act now!