Drain Cleaning

Oaks Drain utilizes the best range of rooter systems available today.

All waste is removed from your home via the mainline, which connects your home to the city sewer. A stoppage or blockage may be to a branch/ specific drain, such as a kitchen sink or a master toilet, or in the mainline, in which case everything is backed up.

We offer full service on all your sewer and drain cleaning problems, from normal sinks and tub stoppages to main line cleaning. Whatever the stoppage is we have the right equipment and expertise to get your drain flowing.

We clean your mainline & stand by our work
Ask about our 12-month mainline Warranty

My drains take ages to drain. What are my options?

Drains can run slow for a number of reasons. You have several options;

  • Hydro Jetting the lines can be used to remove any sludge build up from years of constant use. This is simply a high pressure water treatment designed to clean out your drains.
  • Environmentally friendly treatments such as bio clean is the green way to keep your drains clear. It’s easy and you do it on a monthly basis.
  • Roots growth can be managed with products such as RootX. We are an approved distributor for this service.
  • Old and tired pipes may require replacing some or all of them due to corrosion. In our territory, many homes have 50 or 60 year old cast iron pipe or Greenberg, which may have exceeded their useful lives.
How do I know if it’s a mainline stoppage or a branch stoppage?

If it’s a mainline stoppage, then everything will be blocked. If it’s a branch line, then only that will be stopped. Our master technicians will make the determination when they arrive and will have the correct equipment on their truck to clear your stoppage.