Cured in Place Piping

Cured In Place Piping
Trying to fix a broken pipe, but dreading the thought of tearing up your beloved kitchen to get to it? At Oaks Drain, we understand the inherent hesitation associated with performing a job that involves tearing apart your own home. That’s why all Oaks Drain professionals are trained to use modern, non-invasive techniques like Cured In Place Piping (CIPP). CIPP works by applying a layer of liquid resin inside your existing pipes, creating an entirely new pipe in the process. Cured In Place Piping can be used on water, sewer or gas lines and allows for your pipes to be repaired while leaving your home intact.

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When is CIPP the right option?

CIPP may be one of several options you have. Our master technicians can provide these options and related costs to you. Remember, all CIPP estimates are free.