Camera Inspections

Oaks Drain utilizes the best camera systems available.

As drains and sewers age they often experience wear and tear. They may deteriorate, collapse, separate, suffer root intrusion, or simply get a foreign object lodged into them. Camera Inspections are an invaluable tool to help determine if there’s a problem with a drain line. These digital, color cameras can locate the specific location of your issue, the depth of the pipe and give you a great visual of your drain issues.

I’m purchasing a new home and wondering if I should have a camera inspection done on the sewer line?

It’s always a good idea to camera your sewer. A Sewer Replacement can be a very expensive proposition, so you should know its condition before you sign the dotted line. In older homes, root intrusion, or line collapse are common. Buyer beware here.

Remember, estimates are always done for free by us.