5 Signs It Is Time To Call a Repipe Specialist

5 Signs It Is Time To Call a Repipe Specialist

It is always hard to decide between getting a quick fix for your home’s plumbing and getting repipe plumbing. Will that water leak repair solve your problems for a long time to come or will it only be a matter of days before you end up with another water leak that causes devastation in your home? Is it better to simply buy some drain cleaner to get a clog removed or should you call a repipe specialist to get the entire sewer system redone? We would like to offer 5 signs to know when it is time to call a repipe specialist for your plumbing problem.

Hopefully these 5 indications will shed some light on the situation and help you choose between a repair job and a complete repiping job.

The toilet bowl’s water level is inconsistent

If your toilet bowl is full some days and barely has enough water on other days then this is a sure sign of a big problem. Inconsistent water levels in your toilet bowl means that there is a clog somewhere in the system. Sewage clogs can happen when too many fats and greases end up blocking the system, when something large and unsuitable is flushed down the drain or when tree roots enter the sewerage line and grow inside the pipeline. Professional repipe specialists can use a sewer camera to see where these clogs are and can then get your problem cleared up with either sewer line cleaning or with trenchless sewer repair.

Wild animals keep coming to your home

Rodents and insects seem to be drawn to your yard. If this happens all too frequently then perhaps it is time to call your repipe specialist. You likely have a break in the sewerage line and the escaping odor is attracting these critters. But don’t worry, sewer repairs are done quite quickly and affordably thanks to trenchless sewer repair methods.

You can smell bad odors

Bad odors or the smell of sewage in your backyard can mean that your sewerage pipe is leaking. It is important to call a repipe specialist as soon as possible if this happens because an unchecked degraded sewer pipe can contaminate your yard and home.

Water drains slowly

If it takes a long time for water to drain from the shower, bathtub or sink then you might also be in need of a plumbing specialist. Our professional plumbers will successfully get to the root of the problem by doing camera inspections to identify clogging, blockages or any other problems in the system.

Strange noises is coming from the pipes

Strange noises are common to copper pipelines when they are not fitted correctly, but other noises like gurgling sounds is often a good sign that it is time to call a plumber to get your sewerage line repaired.

Don’t wait for a small plumbing problem to turn into a plumbing crisis. Let the repipe specialists at Oak Drain Plumbing assess your pipes and give you and your family the peace of mind that your pipes are in good working order.

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