How To Identify A Main Drain Clog

How To Identify A Main Drain Clog

How To Identify A Main Drain Clog

Most people understand the basic functions of a sewer line Yet most people tend to view their drains as a dark abyss that consumes anything thrown in. It’s important to consider your plumbings health as your kids throw crayons and legos down the toilet. The thought of sewer backup from clogging is a horror story to the average homeowner. Yet the reality of sewage backup is extremely common and can lead to extensive home damage and expensive repairs. Along with the health hazards of overflown sewage, the unpleasantness of the event prompt most individuals to avoid a main drain clog at all costs. Oftentimes the blockage is a result of grease and debris accumulation, tree roots, and unidentified objects. The plumbing professionals at Oaks Drain have created a list of some things to pay attention to that will help you identify and be proactive about preventing a sewage overflow crisis.


Main Drain Clog Causes


Check Your Water Appliances
Toilets are the best place to start when identifying a sewer blockage. The fact that toilets have the most direct line to the sewer system results in them usually being the first thing to malfunction when the sewer is experiencing issues. Sewage backup during flushing is a common toilet indicator of a sewer main clog. Another common indicator is slow draining water. All pipes can become clogged at some point resulting in slow draining, but if this is affecting all of your drains then it is likely due to a main drain clog.

Gurgling Toilet
If your toilet is making percolating and bubbling noises then it should be ignored for no cause. Air rising back up into your toilet is a sure indicator that you have a blockage somewhere, whether that be in the toilet itself, vent stack, or sewage line. If the water gurgling is happening exclusively one toilet, then the blockage is probably specific to that toilet. If there is gurgling among all the toilets and sewage backup from the use of multiple appliances then it is extremely likely that the main sewage line has a main clog.

Wet Patches of Property
When all the water being flushed down your drain is getting stopped in the main sewage line it has to go somewhere. The excess water usually results in sewage backup or by leaking sewage into the surrounding soil. Wet patches of lawn might be the result of a blocked sewage line.

To protect your home and health is essential to stay proactive about maintaining your sewer line. Common causes of main clogs are root intrusions and debris buildup. Having your drain inspected and maintained can prevent larger issues in the future. Oaks Drain offers professional Sewer Camera Inspections and Hydro Jetting, allowing us to quickly identify your plumbing issue and completely clean your sewer of buildup with highly pressurized water. Visit Oaks Drain today to learn more about our services and what we can do to get your life flowing as it should.

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